Delhi Metro Advertising

Advertising in Delhi Metro

Metro Advertising in one of the most popular advertising medium in delhi. Many options are available on the metro for branding purpose.
Options available in DMRC Delhi Metro
1) Delhi Metro Train Branding (External)
2) Delhi Metro Train Branding (Internal)
3)Delhi Metro Station – Standing Panel on platform
4) Delhi Metro Station – Inside Pillar on concourse
5) Delhi Metro Pillar Advertising – Elevated Pillar outside metro station
6) Delhi Metro Bridge Panel – Bridge Panel branding extenal metro station
Some facts about delhi metro
Total Corridor : 213 Km
Number of stations in delhi metro : 160 and counting
Number of interchange station : 11
daily ridership : 2.6 Million daily (approx.)
Highest ridership : 3.15 Million (28th Aug 2015)
source :DMRC
metro advertising
metro pillar
metro gantries
inside train metro advertising

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